Community Amenities

Newlondon _Nautilus Park 3_1NSB New London Homes Community Center

Dolphin Gardens Community Center
45 Proteus Avenue
Available for rental. 
Contact 860-448-4505 for availability

Anchors Landing Community Center
124 Gungywamp Road
Available for rental.
Contact 860-448-4505 for availability

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 8am - 730pm
Saturday & Sunday's:  10am - 430pm

The NSB New London Homes Community Centers offer a multitude of enjoyable features for resident enjoyment. Features include swimming pools, workout room, and community room. Many LifeWorks events are held at the Community Center. Spaces within the Community Center may be rented out for private events by residents. To request to rent a room, please contact the Community Management Office at 124 Gungywamp Rd, 860-448-4505

Fitness Centers & Athletic Fields

Fitness Centers are located at both the Dolphins Garden and Anchors Landing locations. They can be accessed during normal business hours. Features include: a universal weight system, treadmill, stationary bike, TV, exercise mats, and hand weights. Basketball courts are also available at each fitness center locations as well as 100 Tern Rd. A soccer field can be found at Catalpa Road and Pleasant Valley Road.

Community Pools & Splash Park

Community pools are located at both Dolphin Gardens and Anchors Landing locations. They can be accessed between Memorial Day and Labor Day between the hours of 11:00am and 6:00pm Weekdays and 11:00am to 7:00pm weekends and holidays. A splash park is located at 100 Tern Road.Splash

19 Playgrounds

Playgrounds and tot lots are at both Dolphins Garden and Anchors Landing locations as well as 100 Tern Road.  All can be accessed from dawn to dusk.

Tern Play Ground